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Salt trail.

From the archives, An ephemeral text sculpture piece i made at art school in 1998 I think (?)

Starting with “you’re a really interesting person but…” it was a whole list of lines/phrases used when you want to break up with someone.
The installation was made in salt, sprinkled through a stencil i had made, one letter at a time. The idea was that the message would eventually be walked over, until it was obscured and eventually disappear.
I only have these few in progress shots. the final image you can sort of see the scale but not the whole piece. I never documented stuff much back then, but we didn’t have easy access to digital cameras.

Planetoids sculptures at White Night

Planetoids sculptures at White Night

Wim Delvoye, Chapel and Cement Truck at Mona

Drawing Henry Moore’s sculpture, draped seated woman, in the NGV garden at todays drop by drawing session, the roulette stunt planes flying overhead for Australia Day

The sky whale was pulled in, hauled to the deck, slit open and deflated in just a matter of minutes.

One sad eye wondering where her freedom had gone

Patrica Piccinini’s incredible creature The Skywhale, visiting Melbourne at the Australian Centre of Contemporary.
Tuesday 3rd Dec 2013

Mark Hilton- Don’t worry

Mark Hilton- Don’t worry

The Pathfinder (aka: The hammer thrower)John Robinson 1974Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne

The Pathfinder
(aka: The hammer thrower)
John Robinson 1974
Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne

Heads at Montsalvat

Middle Park to Port Melbourne beach

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